Workers Compensation

California law has determined workers' compensation insurance to be an employer's compulsory responsibility. And for good reason. It's a fact: No matter how careful you or your employees are, accidents can happen on the job.

In the event that an accident takes place at your business, worker's compensation insurance can grant your enterprise immunity from devastating litigation - and, ensure that your employees receive compensatory care for their workplace injuries.

Yes, it's a necessary expense; but it doesn't necessarily have to be costly. At Insurance SD Business Insurance Services, our San Diego County workers' compensation insurance team can help you locate a workers' compensation package that makes fulfilling your workers' compensation obligation as easy and affordable as possible.

Plus, thanks to recent changes to state law, you - the employer - have greater flexibility in choosing the physician provider for workers' compensation claims than ever before. Specifically, you have the right to make the initial choice of physician; and, arrange to work with a specific medical provider network when first enacting your policy. In many cases, this can reduce your premiums and help you gain more control over your workers' compensation insurance obligations.

However, the law is fairly complicated and there are exceptions and provisions; so, it's important to consult with our San Diego County workers' compensation insurance experts on this matter.

Workers' Compensation Essentials for the Business Owner

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