Business Owner Insurance

You may have numerous insurance needs; but as a small business owner, budgeting for each of them separately can be challenging. Fortunately, there is a widely accepted solution for this common predicament: a business owner insurance policy (often referred to as "BOP").

BOP insurance packages combine many of the basic, essential coverages small business owners need into one standard package. Normally, a quality BOP package can be purchased at a lower premium than the cost of purchasing several, separate insurance policies that provide the same coverage. BOP insurance is streamlined, simplified, and comprehensive - making it appealing to business owners everywhere.

What does BOP insurance cover?

As San Diego County business owner insurance specialists, we can typically help you locate a policy that includes:

  • Property insurance for your buildings, equipment and inventory
  • Business interruption insurance, which covers some losses
  • Casualty/liability protection for your employees and products
  • Crime insurance against burglaries, vandalism, and employee theft/embezzlement
  • Liability coverage for lawsuits resulting from accidents or slanderous accusations
  • Optional coverages specific to your industry (when available)
  • Business income and extra expense coverage (with some exceptions)

Why do I need Business Insurance?

BOP insurance is an effective, popular way to give your business the insurance coverage it needs at an affordable price. However, other insurance provisions are often necessary. Fire, flood, and earthquake damage is not protected by your business owner's insurance policy, nor are your company vehicles (unless they are rented).

For that reason, our San Diego business owner insurance consultants encourage you to explore your options with us - options for BOP insurance in addition to the other coverage you may need. General liability policies, professional liability policies, and umbrella insurance are sometimes advisable, depending on your business and its vulnerability to litigation.

For any queries on business owner's insurance policies, contact Our San Diego Business Insurance Company today. Our San Diego County business owner insurance experts look forward to addressing your questions more thoroughly.

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